The Head of IAU Institute of Social Studies and Research

IAU Institute of Social Studies & Research Paying Attention to Humanities

Wednesday, December 26, 2018 - 16:41

The head of Islamic Azad University, Institute of Social Studies and Research has stated that considering humanities is one of the main priorities in this institute.

According to an ISCA report, the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution has provided an opportunity for Islamic Azad University-IAU to cooperate with the educational, research, and media centers to examine the theoretical and practical capacities of the revolution, and to represent the brilliant working experience, and efficiency of the Islamic Government concerning the concepts such as identity making and civilization.

In this regard, Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin Hassan Kheiri explained that holding the International Conference on the Capacity of Islamic Revolution; the Efficiency and Working Experience has been one of the most important goals of this Institute that none of the country’s research centers and institutes have paid such attentions to this issue the same as us.

He added that the institute contains 3 groups such as fundamental and strategic studies, survey studies and field studies. As the IAU representative in Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Transformation of Humanities Education Council, he said that paying a specific attention to this subject with an Islamic approach, is considered as the main task in this council.

Kheiri went on to say that paying a significant attention to social harms, specifically identity crisis and producing books, has been considered as an important factor in strategic planning.

It is worth mentioning that holding theorizing and liberal seats has become academics’ demand, therefore, university branches planed seriously for forming these seats so in this regard, they issued relevant circulars.

It should be noted that Institute of Social Studies and Research was run, under the control of IAU Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs in 2005, aims at expanding fundamental and applied teachings and producing science through humanities.


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