The Deputy of IAU Research and Technology:

IAU Presents 1000 Research Products in Research Achievement Exhibition

Saturday, December 29, 2018 - 13:24

The IAU Research and Technology deputy has stated that almost 1000 research and technology achievements have been presented in Research Achievement Exhibition, held in Science and Research IAU.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Dr. Bijan Ranjbar said that about 1000 scientific products and achievements were presented in Research Achievement Exhibition which indicated the high technological potential of the university.

Dr. Ranjbar explained that the exhibition aimed at presenting achievements of IAU branches during the last year, which their products indicated the university’s high potential in research and technology.

He noted that Azad Payesh Plan, which is referring to an Effective Unified Research Network, is going to be a great advisor to solve many problems and issues of the country.

IAU Research and Technology Deputy also declared that the presented products were symbolic because many of the achievements could not be exhibited due to the lack of time and spaces.

The Research Achievement Exhibition was run to show the most recent technology and innovation achievements in Science and Research IAU.


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