IAU Researchers Produce Healthcare Knowledge-Based Products

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - 10:31

A knowledge-based enterprise located in Islamic Azad University, Science and Technology Park, presented four of its healthcare knowledge-based products in IAU Research Achievement Exhibition.

According to an ISCA report, the 19th research and technology achievements and tech market and the exhibition of technology suppliers was held from December 24 to 26 at Tehran’s International Permanent Fairground.

One of the active technology firm, located in IAU Science and Technology Park introduced four of its healthcare and beauty products, including hair styling cream, eyeliner, oral care liquid tartar remover and body wash, in IAU Research Achievement Exhibition.

Fatemeh Siahmarzkouhi, PhD student of Sanandij IAU, explained about these products and stated that the hair styling cream can change white hair to back permanently in 30 days, “to commercializing the products, we are doing some clinical tests and experiments, so after reaching to a reasonable result, we will begin negotiation to sign contract.”

She noted that as the biggest rival for the American eye drop, this herbal eyeliner can increase eyelash growth without having any side effects. Siahmarzkouhi continued that there is no silicon in the oral care liquid tartar remover so by using that every day, it can protect the enamel better.

The exhibition aimed to support Iranian-made products and discover the potential abilities of universities, research centers and science and technology parks.

Some 199 technology firms have participated in the event in different fields of water, healthcare, biotechnology and environment. About 350 companies joined the tech market, offered over 9,000 products during the event.


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