IAU Sci-Tech Park Unveils Grafting Pistachio Tree Machine

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - 12:32

A technology unit located in Islamic Azad University, Science and Technology Park, with the support of Qazvin IAU, has unveiled a machine for grafting pistachio tree to increase the pistachio productivity.

According to an ISCA report, Amir Hossein Seyedi, member of IAU technology unit, stated that the automatic grafting pistachio machine can produce scion without requiring any grafting knowledge to work with.

Methods to shorten the required fruiting period for pistachio may reduce production costs. Therefore, grafting is recommended. Chip budding, T-budding, down-T budding and pipe budding are various grafting methods using for pistachio trees.

He explained that the mechanism of this machine is completely different from the traditional methods so the scion persistence is much longer in comparison with the traditional one. A gardener is able to use the scion after cutting the rootstock, and the scion bud is placed in the cut.

Mentioning another advantages of this device which is separating the maximum number of scion from a branch, Seyedi noted that a professional gardener can extract only two scions from a branch, but automatic grafting pistachio tree machine increases the productivity, decreases number of branches a farmer must buy and reduces the amount of wastes.


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