Lorestan University to Run Specialized Research Institutes

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 - 10:37

The head of Lorestan University has announced on running specialized stone, honey and water research institutes in this university.

According to an ANA report, Khosrow Azizi stated that due the sufficient facilities of Lorestan province, Lorestan University can play a significant role in various areas.

He added that the province’s capacities in the field of water and mining resources can pave the way for the region’s growth which the university has announced its readiness in presenting its plans in this area.

The head of Lorestan University declared that the university will run Water Research Institute to generate and provide scientific information, strategies and services toward the rational development, utilization and management of the water resources in the agriculture, health, industry, energy, transportation, education and tourism sectors.

Azizi also spoke of running Stone Research Institute because the province has a great capacity in mining. Also, Lorestan University board of trustees are evaluating the advantages of running Honey Research Institute to announce the results in future.


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