More Specialized Technomarkets To Be Held

Saturday, January 5, 2019 - 12:30

The Deputy of IAU Research and Technology has stated that the quality of the university’s technological products have been improved, also entered the market.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Bijan Ranjbar said that the quality of IAU knowledge-based products as well as their sales in the market have been improving every year so this will lead to more exhibitions and technomarkets, which are responsible for the management and collection of data related to the achievements and technology requirements of the region.

Ranjbar declared that technomarkets have been considered as an important event because the number of scientific products, made by IAU branches in various provinces, are increasing so, the exhibitions can be a great platform to demonstrate them to the public. As he said, technomarkets provide the best resources to meet industries and economic firms’ demands through the development of a comprehensive network consisting of professionals and industrial and academic scientific research centers.

Creating a technology database in each province as well as their interaction in the form of a national structure, preventing doing parallel works and making attempts toward the convergence and synergism of activities, providing opportunities for the development of province through technology exchanges created by regional techno market and providing an opportunity to Technology Parks and provincial growth centers to introduce companies, products and services in order to develop technology and commercialization are some benefits of establishing a regional technomarket.

Other benefits of running a technomarket are providing an expandable groundwork necessary for industrial parks and companies and relevant agencies in order to introduce the product or claiming the technology demand in a specific region, creating of a regional exchange market and offering opportunities to compete between regions with respect to various regional talents and capabilities across the country and providing an opportunity for technology cooperation between provincial technology companies and regional, national and international levels.


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