S & R IAU Researcher Makes Genetic Test Kit for Sport

Sunday, January 6, 2019 - 11:55

A student of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch, has created a genetic test kit, “Genofit”, which is able to demonstrate sport’s vigilance as well as analyzing 25 types of genes.

According to an ISCA report, our genetic study for sports is the most complete on the market today. It will give you key data to plan your training program most smartly, helping you to reach your goals and avoid injury.

It can analyze genes and predisposition to excel more at sports of endurance vs. explosiveness. The kit will analyze the aerobic capacity (VO2max) written in a person’s genes, as well as other abilities related to sport.

During the 19th research and technology achievements and tech market and the exhibition of technology suppliers, held from December 24 to 26 at Tehran’s International Permanent Fairground, Farid Ebn Rasouli stated that this knowledge-based product introduces various sport fields, linking to a person's genetic characteristics.

Spoke of the IAU Science and Technology Park, he noted that the field of genetics is completely new in the technology unit, “IAU technology unit has been established less than a year but we can be successful in turning invention ideas into a product.”

He explained that applicants are not required to attend in person for the sampling, they have to just sign in in a website, register their order so will receive that at home.

As he noted, this kit has been produced for the first time in the country which in comparison with its foreign sample, the price is more reasonable. Genetic Testing for Nutrition is another product that is in testing phase

At the 19th research and technology exhibition, 3199 technological achievements from 199 science centers were on display. Also 9,000 knowledge-based products made in Iran have been provided in the sixth exhibition of laboratory equipment and materials.


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