Shiraz IAU Researchers Develop Head Motion Controlled Wheelchair

Monday, January 7, 2019 - 11:58

Researchers of Islamic Azad University, Fars province, have designed and made a smart wheelchair that can be controlled by head motion.

According to an ANA report, the 19th research and technology achievements and tech market and the exhibition of technology suppliers was held from December 24 to 26 at Tehran’s International Permanent Fairground.

Amir Hossein Yaghtin, stated that this smart wheelchair is able to be controlled by head motion, also can identify the target and moves toward it. Saving routs to its memory is a new technology added to the device as well.

Yaghtin continued that the wheelchair will work based on the head movement of the user. The recognized gestures are used to generate motion control commands to the controller so that it can control the motion of the wheel chair according to the user intention.

He spoke of another device, made by Shiraz IAU researchers, that can control all systems inside the house, such as heating, cooling, electricity and even irrigation systems.

Smart dashboard kit was another product displayed in the exhibition. This kit can be set directly ahead of a vehicle and gives drivers information about other cars, therefore they can understand their speed. it also warns driver to maintain a safe following distance.

Climate information mobile app, automatic pipe strapping machine, underwater image processing module, emergency patient diagnostic kit, spectrophotometry, thermosiphon systems for oil and gas industry, transparent concrete (light transmitting concrete), lightweight concrete containing plastic wastes, portable UV lights, non-contact thermometer, biodegradable packaging, electro membranes and plasma sterilizer were some products of Shiraz province in this exhibition.


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