IAU, Al-Mustafa Int’l University Sign MoU

Monday, January 7, 2019 - 15:48

Islamic Azad University and Al-Mustafa International University are going to sign a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

According to an ISCA report, Islamic Azad University and Al-Mustafa International University will sign a cooperation MoU that will expire after 5 years, in order to apply international research, cultural and educational experiences and capacities to support non-Iranian students, researchers and professors.

Holding joint workshops and educational courses, exchanging faculty members, professors and students of higher education in the field of Islamic Theology and the Humanities, offering scholarship to the introduced staffs by Al-Mustafa, supporting and collaborating in research, education and welfare facilities for students and researchers, cooperating in drafting educational books and aids, collaborating in advising thesis, cooperating in virtual education in the virtual network of Islamic Universities, holding short-term education and cooperating in Persian language and foreign language education and applying professors of Linguistics are the some educational content of the MoU.

Also both sides will cooperate in the field of research such as carrying out research projects and sabbatical, holding joint scientific meetings and conferences and cooperating in various activities such as translating books and research and academic journals.

The cultural collaboration includes holding national and international cultural festivals and workshops, exchanging cultural software and products, releasing publications and cultural associations internationally and providing contents of cultural websites.


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