The Director General of IAU Office for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization:

IAU to Run Marketing Network to Supply Knowledge-Based Products

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 10:33

The director general of Islamic Azad University, Office for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization has stated that IAU Marketing Network can supply knowledge-based products of all 129 incubators to the market.

In his interview with Azad News Agency, Hamed Afshari spoke of the effective role of advanced technology exhibitions on commercializing knowledge-based products and stated that exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for both staff and exhibitors to meet and discuss any new developments in their respective areas and to review current requirements.

He continued that holding such exhibitions can present the university’s research and technological progress, also these events allow the exhibition visitors to be updated with all the innovations of the various industrial projects and with the scientific and academic innovations, all under the same roof.

Afshari declared that a product requires tons of research and comprehensive planning before entering the market therefore, a knowledge-based product must reach to a standard level of quality for being commercialized.

Incubators and university branches are not able to provide necessary services for technology units, so we are putting all our efforts to present services in a form of a network to strengthen technology units, he declared.

As he said, technology exhibitions such as Technomarkets, which its first edition focused on medical equipment, was held with the presence of many investors and employees of high-tech industries.

The Director General of IAU Office for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization noted that a marketing network, can pave the way for incubator centers as a direct selling method that features independent agents that make up a distribution network for goods and services.


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