IAU Ranks 109 in ESI Ranking

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 11:58

The Deputy of IAU Research and Technology has announced that based on the most recent statistics released by ESI, Islamic Azad University ranked 109 in this database.

According to an ISCA report, Dr. Bijan Ranjbar stated that IAU has been listed in the latest ranking of Essential Science Indicators (ESI) and upgraded to the world 109 place.

He noted that based on the ESI most recent update, IAU ranking upgraded to the world 109 place due to the forty-six thousand, nine hundred and sixty-one scientific documents and in total, three hundred fifteen thousand, one hundred thirty-two citations.

Dr. Ranjbar emphasized that being among top national and international universities in the field of technology and creating wealth through knowledge, technology and innovations are the university’s main missions.

As he declared moving toward a 4th generation university requires changing into a problem solving university, so in order to reach to this goal, the university must have powerful problem-solving tools work on any topic, whether personal or professional, strategic or tactical. The mission of Problem Solving is to further the research, development, evaluation, and practices of data-based problem solving in education.

A problem solving institute focuses on the systematic use of data to guide the process of problem solving, a recursive and iterative process that includes identifying a problem, considering possible solutions, implementing proposed solutions and using progress data to guide ongoing implementation, and evaluating alternative solutions to guide future practice.

Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database, is a compilation of statistical information built with Web of Science data, reveals emerging science trends as well as influential individuals, institutions, papers, journals, and countries in fields of research.


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