Science & Research IAU New Guardrail System to Improve Road Safety

Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 12:45

Science and Research Islamic Azad University has been equipped with guardrail systems to keep the vehicles running inside of road and reduce highway fatalities.

According to Science and Research IAU public relations, the first phase of securing Science and Research IAU Vehicles routs has been begun by installing guardrail systems.

Due to the slopes, number of arches and light and heavy weight vehicles, about two thousand two hundred meters of guardrails and concrete barrier walls will be installed in this university.

Based on the university’s climate, prefabricated reinforced concrete structures will be installed with a distance of 40cm in the second phase of highway safety.

When inevitable collision occurred, highway guardrails can effectively decelerate the speed of errant vehicles and redirect them back to the road by controlling the exit angles. Additionally, it also makes the highway apparent to avoid running animals to stray into the roads.


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