Lorestan IAU Researchers Create SPICO

Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 15:56

Researchers of Lorestan Province Islamic Azad University have succeeded to design a green car, SPICO, that needs no greenhouse gas and other emissions than cars powered solely by internal combustion engines.

According to an ANA report, the 19th Exhibition on Research Achievements, Technology and Techno Market was held from December 24 to 26 at Tehran’s International Permanent Fairground with the presence of 199 technology units of various universities and research centers.

Researchers of Lorestan IAU presented their eco-friendly vehicle, SPICO means “Sefid Kooh,” which could attract many attentions in this exhibition.

Hadi Kelorani, representative of Lorestan province stand, stated that in comparison with its competitors, the hybrid car SPICO is the first hybrid car of the world that feeds simultaneously from the solar and the wind.

He continued that unlike solar cars that cannot be recharged at night, SPICO is capable to recharge itself at night. It is always charging while moving. Even at zero wind speed, with the car movement the wind is generated and due to motion the car can be charged at day and at night. The driving power is provided by an electric motor on the rear wheel.

The use of high-efficiency solar cells, the use of electric dc motor with programmable controller, the use of MPPT solar and wind controller to maximize the power of the solar and wind as well as the existence of a regenerative braking system are some unique features of this vehicle.

Given the existence of a wind turbine generator and more drag and friction generation than other cars, the design of the chassis and body are accomplished by accurate calculations of aerodynamics, so that the wind generator does not impose any losses on the system, the total weight of the vehicle is 200 kg, with a weight bearing capacity of 150 kg. It has the ability to move at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour without a gearbox.


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