IAU Technology Unit Produces Building Materials with Antifungal Efficacy

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 10:50

A technology unit of Islamic Azad University has produced an antifungal coating composition which is capable of controlling fungi and algae on an industrial material.

According to an ANA report, outdoor structures are exposed to many elements that cause wear and damage over time, even such durable surfaces such as concrete, grout or cementitious-based coatings.

Fungus and algae growth on these surfaces will cause problems that are unsightly, unhealthy, costly to remediate, and can erode the underlying substrate. Full fungus and algae control over such unwanted growth requires a systematic approach to reduce the chances that an opportunistic fungus or algae can take root starting with the initial construct design through to long-term maintenance.

Researchers of Islamic Azad University are engaging in developing applied research projects, also making efforts to achieve or complete those which can decrease various problematic issues of the country.

In this regard, Atieh Hekmat Abtin, a knowledge-based firm and a technology unit based in IAU, has succeeded to produce many knowledge-based products such as anti-bacterial and UV-protective materials for textiles, fire resistant materials suitable for textiles, cellulose materials and cardboard and antibacterial substance for biocide based products.

Anti-algae and anti-fungal building coating, is one this company’s achievement which can be applied in newly painted places, that are wet with aggressive fungi, damaged the structure. This product can be used in hospitals, hotels and public places.

One of the expert of this technology unit stated that marketing and selling such knowledge-based products need support and advice, therefore we are expecting the university’s officials to give necessary assistance to such achievements.


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