South-Tehran IAU Technology Unit Produces Solar Concentrators

Saturday, January 19, 2019 - 13:50

Scientists of South Tehran Islamic Azad University have succeeded to produce solar concentrators that make solar technology affordable.

According to an ISCA report, researchers and technicians of South Tehran IAU created solar concentrators, devices that work on the basic principle of focusing the sun and allows the collection of sunlight from a large area and focusing it on a smaller receiver or exit.

In his interview with Azad News Agency, Majid Saghafi, the acting head of South Tehran IAU Technology Unit, stated that “Sarv Energy Kia Technology Unit” could design and create Parabolic Trough Concentrator with linear concentrating solar power in order to produce electrical power and Solar desalination.

He continued that Parabolic Trough Concentrator is able to drive a power generator turbine through producing superheated steam at 170 ° C in winter. Linear concentrating solar power (CSP) collectors capture the sun's energy with large mirrors that reflect and focus the sunlight onto a linear receiver tube. The receiver contains a fluid that is heated by the sunlight and then used to heat a traditional power cycle that spins a turbine that drives a generator to produce electricity.

Making solar hybrid light, which is automatically used solar energy and electrical grid in a smart way, is another knowledge-based product of this technology unit, he noted. Hybrid solar lighting technology is a technology that is capable of collecting sunlight and distributing the collected sunlight into the interior of a building using optical fibers. Hybrid solar technology provides a new and powerful means to reduce the energy consumed and at the same time delivering additional benefits related with natural lighting in homes and in buildings.

Saghafi finally said that solar hot water pressurized system is another knowledge-based product which has been widely exploited in various projects to produce warm water. He declared that Islamic Azad University can hold different technological event in order to link technology units as well as paving the way for carrying out joint research projects.


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