IAU Science & Research Deputy:

Credit of Knowledge-based Investment to be Increased

Sunday, January 20, 2019 - 12:29

IAU Tehran Province deputy of Research and Technology has stated that the credits of knowledge-based investment will be increased and its plan is going to be applied swiftly to support technology units.

In his interview with Azad News Agency, Majid Belbasi stated that applying the university’s knowledge-based potentials and capacities has been considered as the university's main issue, in general, commercializing knowledge-based products can remove economic monopolies.

He continued that incubators and knowledge-based enterprises can play significant roles in applying IAU’s scientific capacities in order to lead the economy toward knowledge-based economy.

Belbasi spoke of forming a council for knowledge-based economy in Tehran province and said that based on Act of IAU Central Organization, credit for investing on knowledge-based activities will be increased in supporting technology units.

The knowledge based economy is an expression coined to describe trends in advanced economies towards greater dependence on knowledge, information and high skill levels, and the increasing need for ready access to all of these by the business and public sectors.


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