IAU Associate's Degree Open Admission Begun

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 12:06

The open enrollment of Islamic Azad University in the level of Associate's Degree has been begun from January 21, 2019.

According to IAU public relations, based on the approval of the 16th Assessment and Admission Council, applicants can continue their education in the level of Associate's Degree only by evaluating their educational records so they are required no college entrance exam.

Referring to the university’s official website, student can get more information about registeration steps. The registration deadline will be on February 2nd. Applicant have been allowed to choose one major in 20 universities.

Applicants will be admitted based on their educational records and are allowed to choose one major relevant to their high school diploma. When the Admissions file is complete and the credentials have been evaluated, results will be announced in mid-February.

Open admissions, or open enrollment, is a type of unselective and noncompetitive college admissions process which means that any student with a high school diploma certificate can attend. Most colleges with Open Admission are community colleges or colleges which grant Associate degrees.


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