Pardis IAU Students to Cooperate with Industry

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 11:08

Research and Technology deputy of Pardis Islamic Azad University, Science and Technology Park has stated that students will cooperate with industry sector through applying their scientific thesis.

According to an ISCA report, as the biggest brick-and-mortar university in the world, Islamic Azad University is always emphasizing on research and education development, creating educational justice and providing education opportunities all across the country.

Being students' first choice university until the year 1404, university’s 1404 outlook, (Iran’s 1404 (March 2025-March 2026) Outlook Plan), is considered as one of the most important goals of the university.

Dr. Alireza Khodayari said that there are one incubator and four technology units in this center that are acting in the process of becoming a knowledge-based company. A wheelchair with a stand up mode feature, allowing a disabled person to drive the chair while in a standing position and solar cooling system, which is going to be commercialized in near future, are some knowledge-based products of this unit.

Khodayari emphasized that an effective relationship has been created with Pardis Technology Park and firms located inside the park, “almost 80 students of Pardis IAU have been hired in this park.” As he said, regarding the accurate proceeds of Pardis IAU, Pardis Technology Park is an appropriate platform for students and trainees to get experiences practically.

IAU deputy of Research and Technology also noted that a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the university and Technology Park that based on that, students and specialist will cooperate scientifically, therefore their thesis will be resulted in a form of a product which would be applied by companies in solving the country’s problems.


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