Innovation & Technology Center Run to Support Elite Ideas

Monday, January 28, 2019 - 15:22

The head of Iran University of Science and Technology has stated that 16 collages are in relation with domestic industry actively.

According to Ministry of Science, Research and Technology public relations, Jabbar Ali Zakeri declared that 15 faculties of engineering and departments of basic engineering science as well as a college of art and architecture are located in University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Zakeri stated that 3 strategic plans in line with university–industry relations have been implemented so far and one plan is under execution stage. He added that School of Railway Engineering is helping to develop railway system and network through intellectual and scientific contributions.

He emphasized that new faculties, launched recently in this university, are in relation with industries, also the old ones are in close relation with electrical engineering, civil engineering and materials industries.

In the field of business management, the university supports startups and knowledge-based firms. In this regard, Innovation and Technology Center has been run in to support elite ideas, also the Center will play an important role in research productivity by providing a platform for researchers and academicians to explore new ideas, develop and evaluate prototypes and advance them to commercialization.


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