Science & Technology University Researchers Design Water Absorbent Bag

Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 11:38

Researchers from University of Science and Technology of Iran have designed and made a water absorbent bag that makes non-drinkable water safe to drink.

According to an ANA report, researchers of University of Science and Technology Membrane Processes Research Lab could design and made a bag which turns non-drinkable water into drinking water.

In this research, researchers used semipermeable membrane as a separation factor. Inside the bag is made of osmosis membrane which is removing microorganisms, macromolecules and most of the ions and creates safe drinking water.

Based on the report, these bags help purifying water without requiring energy consumption. The bag can be used in urgent moments also in the time of disasters such as earthquake, flood and war in order to solve the problem of water shortage.

Members of the research team are Toraj Mohammadi, Noorollah Kasiri, Soleyman Sahebi, Zahra Shabani and Javad Baniasadi.


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