Minister of Communication and Information Technology:

Payam2 Satellite Will Be 40Times More Accurate

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 11:35

Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology has announced that Nahid 2 and Zafar satellites will be delivered by next summer.

On the sideline of a conference on “space technology and its applications” in Tehran on Tuesday, Azari Jahromi interviewed with ISCA News reporter and stated that Payam2 Satellite in 40 times more accurate in comparison with Payam 1, also Nahid 2 and Zafar satellites will be delivered by the next summer.

"Nowadays, the space industry has many uses and applications, and we have to make the achievements of this industry tangible in our daily lives. Today, on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, the space industry is demonstrating its achievement in agriculture, environmental protection and water resource management."

He explained that "problems of the satellite were discussed at a meeting of the Department of Defense, and then they were fixed, so we are waiting for the Department of Defense to declare the right time to put Friendship satellite which belongs to Sharif University in orbit".

The Zafar Satellite, being developed by the University of Science and Technology, has double GPS accuracy in comparison with other Iranian satellite, which is crucial for the country, should also be completed by the end of summer 2019 and become ready for launch.

He added that the preliminary steps had already been taken by Iran to manufacture a telecommunication satellite by building Nahid 1 and Nahid 2 satellites.

He said that according to experts at the Iran University of Science and Technology, another satellite named “Zafar (victory)”, set to be put into the 500-600km orbit, will be delivered by September.

He highlighted the important role of space technology on conservation of environment saying that the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) with the help of prominent universities are now working on it.

“We have already monitor the area under cultivation for six strategic products and signed an agreement with the Department of Environment for controlling natural disasters like wildfires.

In mid-January, the Department of Environment and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology inked a memorandum of understanding to contain natural disasters such as wildfires using modern technologies in Golestan National Park, northern Iran.

Azari Jahromi said that the ministry aims to develop infrastructures and centers for processing and analyzing data received from satellites in order to be applicable for environmental problems in future.

The ministry aims to develop space-based business with cooperation of the private sector, he said. He named northern Mazandaran province as the pilot region for the first space-based business center. In his speech, he also pointed to the Iran’s manufacturing of satellites.

ISA has already manufacture Nahid 1 satellite, which will be sent into orbit in the near future. Experts at the ISA is designing Nahid 2 satellite, which will be placed at the Low Earth Orbit as the first step of Iran toward the formation of satellite constellation, he said.

He expressed his hope over successful launching of Dousti satellite in the near future.


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