The Deputy of IAU Research and Technology:

IAU to Hold Electricity, Energy & Tourism Technomarkets

Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 21:35

The IAU Research and Technology deputy has announced on running technomarkets in the field of electricity, energy and tourism.

According to an ANA report, Bijan Ranjbar spoke of scientific and technological achievements of universities and stated that there are many documentation of significant scientific and technological development in the country.

Dr. Ranjbar continued that the approach of Pahlavi Regime was in line with assembly works but after Islamic Revolution, a scientific and productive approach has been created; therefore, the country grew rapidly in various fields of technology and innovation.

He noted that Islamic Azad University has been listed in the latest ranking of Essential Science Indicators (ESI) and upgraded to the world 109 place, also ranked first in the country. Due to the capabilities of IAU General Directorate of Knowledge-based and Commercialization, specialized technomarkets will be held to introduce knowledge-based products.

Dr. Ranjbar added that based on the universities various missions, set by Azad Payesh Plan, referring to an Effective Unified Research Network, technical technomarkets are going to be held to introduce the latest technological and scientific capabilities and achievements.

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