IAU Sport Capacities Pave the Way for Champions

Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 10:44

A student of Qom Islamic Azad University has stated that applying the university’s sport capacities is his success factor in national, international and Asian arenas.

According to an ANA report, Ali Rostami, accounting student of Qom IAU, said that using the university’s sport facilities could help him to gain many achievements in the field of powerlifting national and internationally.

He emphasized on the importance of investment in physical activities for the present and future of the country and noted that IAU sport capacities and facilities can pave the way for students to gain many achievements.

Rostami exhibited impressive displays of physical strength and grabbed gold medal at TBILISI 2018 International Tournament.

He could clinch the top title by lifting 650 kilogram in powerlifting in youth category. He also placed top position in Ukraine 2017 World Championships.


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