Dr. Velayati:

Iran Resisting against Pressures for 40 Years

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 16:56

The head of Islamic Azad University, board of trustees and directors stated that less than a thousand scientific articles were submitted to non-Iranian journals before Islamic Revolution, but today the number has reached to more than 40,000.

During the opening ceremony of Farhikhtegan Hospital, Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati stated that Iran is a country that was ruled by strangers (Iran had been a monarchy ruled by an emperor almost without interruption from 1501 until the 1979) and lost its lands and territory during this time. Caucasus, Bukhara, Herat, Kandahar, Balochistan, Ararat, Bahrain and Arvand Rud were separated from Iran.

Speaking of Iran’s history during the Second World War and incompetent government of that time, Dr. Velayati explained that right now the country is being ruled by its main masters, enemies are making attempts to set their own rulers again as Trump described Saudi Arabia as "a milk cow" which would be slaughtered when its milk runs out. He emphasized that Iran has resisted against pressures for 40 years and cultural affinity is the country’s successful factor.

In this ceremony, Dr. Tehranchi said that Islamic Azad University was created by Islamic Revolution and indicates people’s belief in science. It was run to help developing system ang applying its great capacities has been the reason of being among countries producing science.

Dr. Tehranchi declared that, as a social university that is dedicated to people, IAU can help the country’s development and place Iran among top 10 countries in higher education. With a million and 320 thousand students, IAU is playing significant roles, not only in education, but also in carrying out research activities nationally and internationally.

He added that Farhikhtegan hospital is IAU’s great capital that must provide services for people. Dr.Tehranchi also mentioned the university’s outlook and said that due to the university’s great capacities and potentials, we plan an achievement which is the university’s 1404 outlook, (Iran’s 1404 (March 2025-March 2026) Outlook Plan) that is IAU will be the students' first choice university until the year 1404.


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