On the Occasion of 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution

NBML Unveils 4 New Services

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 16:14

On the occasion of 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, National Brain Mapping Lab has unveiled four new services.

According to NBML official website, NBML unveiled four new services including running cognitive assessment lab, running the second work shift, running the second phase of powerful computational server and the launch of virtual reality lab.

The cognitive evaluation lab began with the CANTAB collection (Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery) and the All-in-One touchscreen computer. The CANTAB which consists of 25 tests, is a collection which does not depend on cultural and linguistic issues. This collection is one of the most valid tools for neuropsychological assessment in research and clinical studies.

The CANTAB collection has been used in over 2500 papers on various topics such as CNC function, psychiatric and neurological studies. Tests used in this collection have high sensitivity to positive and negative of pharmaceutical, genetics and environmental effects in healthy individuals as well as clinical population.

NBML, in accordance with its aims, has provided high-quality services to researchers throughout the country in the brain mapping filed over the past two years. Subsequently, NBML has set up a new “special service” option with the aim of providing optimal services in appropriate time. This service allows researchers to use the second work shift of lab to accelerate the projects’ implementation. This new special service is now available in MRI and EEG laboratories.

The second phase of NBML’s powerful computational server with specifications of 128 GB (RAM), CPU (128 processor, 2.1 GHz, ~ 41 M cache) and Storage: 10 TB was set up. These facilities enable researchers to conduct parallel computation and analysis of the high volume and time-consuming data in the brain mapping field via the software platform embedded in it.

NBML equipped with one of the most advanced Virtual Reality setups in the VR lab, has been able to perform all the test in this field. Currently, NBML has been equipped with two virtual reality devices of Oculus Rift and HTC vive providing a wide range of VR soft wares. The simultaneous record of EEG-VR and both pre and post fMRI to VR are also possible at NBML.

Virtual reality is the creation of the virtual environment presented to the human senses in such a way that is experienced as if it were real. The VR systems direct the individuals’ field of view to the intended environs using the VR glasses, and produce proper sound for users via VR headset. So the user does not perceive the surrounding environment and is taken to the desired space (virtual space). New devices are equipped with the hand controllers for users to have an influence on virtual space.

Those interested in using the new service could refer to NBML website.


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