Dr. Ranjbar:

Number of Faculty Members Increased by 20 Times

Sunday, February 17, 2019 - 10:55

The research and technology deputy of Islamic Azad University said the number of universities’ faculty members increased by 20 times after Islamic Revolution.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Dr. Bijan Ranjbar stated that the report card of Islamic Revolution is very awesome and bright in the field of science and research.

He added that training thoughtful and prosperous manpower is one of the Islamic Revolution achievements, also there are many documents of research and scientific achievements since the victory of Islamic Revolution, “but enemies are trying to present failures of the Islamic Republic.”

IAU research and technology deputy declared that the number of faculty members was 4000 before Islamic Revolution but after the victory, this number has reached to 90 thousands which demonstrates dramatic increase of universities and researchers in national and international arena.


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