Head of Student Affairs Organization:

Higher Education Spatial Planning, the 1st Step in Qualifying Universities

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 10:36

The head of IAU Student Affairs Organization has stated that higher education spatial planning could develop and promote universities’ activities.

According to an ISCA report, at the 63rd edition of Students Deputies Congress, held at Agriculture and Natural Resources Campus of University of Tehran, Mojtaba Sedighi said that almost 4 million students are being provided services in various fields in the country.

Sedighi continued that applying experiences of past four decades of the Islamic Revolution will brighten and pave the way for more progress in the fifth decade. He added that implementing higher education spatial planning could qualify universities’ activities and deepen them as well.

Universities have been considered by city planners as one of the most important location-based institutions. There is consensus created that to achieve regional balance and rational use of the features and capabilities of the region, it is necessary to focus on how to deploy and congest higher education in the region. There should be a special efforts made in revising the content of educational programs and making them practically appropriate for regional potentials.

Spatial planning refers to the methods used by the public sector to influence the distribution of people and activities in spaces of various scales in order to improve the built, economic and social environments of communities. Sustainability, complex land use and awareness of spatial quality are keywords for spatial planning on all levels. Therefore, sustainable spatial development is essential for the coming decades

Higher Education in Spatial Planning (HESP) must attract young and enthusiastic people and prepare them for solving complex problems related to this most important and limited resource. Problem-oriented project, respectively, studio-based learning should be the core element of explorative learning.

The head of IAU Student Affairs Organization also noted that targeting IAU branches responsibilities can improve the quality of education because higher education activities should be organized based on thought and wisdom.


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