Dr. Tehranchi:

IAU to be Pioneer in Science Production

Monday, March 4, 2019 - 13:14

The president of Islamic Azad University has stated that the university was pioneer in the concept of socialization and now it is planning to be the first in the concept of science production.

According to IAU public relations, in the first E-Campus IAU Start-Up Weekend with an educational content, Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi stated that Islamic Azad University has a desire to be the pioneer in the concept of science production.

Speaking of operationalizing IAU plans and projects, Dr. Tehranchi added that the university’s outlook will be implemented in an active innovative way. He continued that concepts such as event and acceleration are considered as the notable factors for new generations of universities, therefore holding such events like startup weekends, demonstrate desires of such universities.

The IAU president also declared that Islamic Azad University is trying to seriously follow "The Second Phase of Islamic Revolution" that mostly emphasizes on science and research, spirituality and ethics, economics, justice, independence and freedom, national dignity, foreign relations, and etc.

Dr. Tehranchi said that IAU units are going to be changed into technology and innovative centers in order to be independent and pioneer in educational systems. He noted that as an elite-centered university and with almost 6 million graduates and a million and three hundred students, IAU has played a significant role in socializing knowledge in Iran.


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