‘My Brain’ Opens in Tehran

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 11:48

Museum and science center for brain and cognitive sciences has opened on Wednesday at the Tehran Book Garden, north of the capital.

The museum, ‘My Brain’, seeks to help spread public awareness about the human brain and its functions. The first of its kind in Iran, the center is established by the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Council, affiliated to the Vice Presidential Office for Science and Technology and Tehran Municipality, IRNA reported.

There are five sections in the museum, namely brain structure, brain differences, brain cells, future brains, and brain and cognition.

Instruments and equipment relevant to the field are being shown, including nerve monitoring systems and magnetic response imaging (MRI) simulating device.

Visitors can play cognitive games at the center and study brochures containing a brief history of brain studies.

Vice president for science and technology, Sorena Sattari, attended the opening ceremony and appealed for increasing public knowledge and awareness about the brain and its functions. “Such centers can attract youngsters and students and stimulate their curiosity.”

The opening ceremony honored the best researches in fields of cognitive studies. In addition, a 90-minute documentary film focusing on the brain and its potential capabilities was shown. The film was to trigger questions in viewers' minds about the human brain.

First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri and the Science Minister Mansour Gholami were among the participants.

Visiting the museum is free.

Malihe Adineh


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