The 1st Graduate School of Nanotechnology to be Run in Tehran

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 14:19

Deputy of Skill and Public Education of Islamic Azad University has announced on running the first graduate school of nanotechnology in Tehran Province.

According to an ISCA report, Alireza Manzari Tavakoli stated that the first graduate school of nanotechnology will be launched to empower students’ skills of SAMA schools.

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing scientific field that can be practically applied in a variety of industries, such as research, education, manufacturing, engineering, medicine and business.

He explained that based on IAU president’s order, two graduate schools must have been launched in Islamic Azad University that IAU first Graduate School of Law was opened during the Fajr Decade so students are provided a professional and skillful model in this field.

Manzari Tavakoli continued that such schools improve students’ skills in various educational levels, also skill schools are going to be launched to provide independent, professional education services for children and young people in various areas.

Malihe Adineh

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