Ardabil IAU Knowledge-based Products Launched in the Market

Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 15:27

Head of Ardabil Islamic Azad University stated that the university has applied static capital to develop knowledge-based products.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Dr. Eshaq Rasouli said that due to the university's new approach, which is developing research and applied researches, the university has used static capital resources to develop knowledge-based activities and allocate tuition, paid for thesis, to carry out research activities.

He continued that the university’s capacities must be used purposefully also active units in the field of higher education can use this resource through taking advantages of powerful researchers in developing applied researches.

Dr. Rasouli added that Ardabil IAU has begun working on two farmlands as well as raising special kind of turkey in cooperation with knowledge-based products and industry sector to export this product. He noted that recently, the university has begun applying static capital to develop knowledge-based products.

Malihe Adineh


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