Yazd University Students Advance to FIRA RoboWorld Cup

Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 14:30

Students of Yazd University have succeeded to advance to FIRA RoboWorld Cup in the section of sports and the two-dimensional football simulation league.

According to an ISCA report, Hossein Ghodsi and Romina Maleknia took first and second places respectively in sections of Fira Sport & Challenge and SimuroSot 5vs5 in the International Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Contest, held at the Tehran International Exhibition Centre, and advanced to the FIRA RoboWorld Cup.

Iranian FIRA national region and Amirkabir University of Technology, supported by Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Tehran Iran, with the purpose of progressing to achieve this important goal held the 8th International Amirkabir Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition (Iranian FIRA RoboworldCup Open 2019) with the cooperation of The International Federation of Robotics (FIRA) on 1-4 March 2019.

The Federation of International Robot-soccer Association (FIRA) is an international organization that arranges competitive soccer competitions between autonomous robots. The robotics competition includes four categories: Sports, Challenge, Drone and Youth Robots.


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