Iranian Researchers’ New 3D Scanner Can Scan Body Less than a Minute

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 15:23

A group of Iranian researchers have succeeded in making a 3D scanner that can scan body less than a minute.

According to an ISCA report, Iranian researchers could create 3D body scanners that can capture a human body to generate a very detailed 3D model less than a minute.

The application of this device, which can be applied in health monitoring system, is as simple as standing without movement and quite short (under 1 minute) until the device records millions of points from its body using infrared safe waves.

Laser Design is able to successfully use 3D scanning technology to obtain 3D images and models of an individual body part or the entire human body without safety risk to people, magnetic radiation or special markers. 3D body scanning services can take thousands of measurements in seconds.

3D body scanners are revolutionizing the way we capture, measure and track evolutions of the human body, in various fields from medical to fitness or entertainment.

Recent improvements in whole-body 3D scanning technologies are leading to a growing number of applications. Initially developed for the clothing industry, 3D body scanners are greatly improving our ability to accurately measure and visualize a person’s body size, shape, and skin-surface area. Recent advances in whole body scanning unlock new potential especially for healthcare applications.


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