A Brief Introduction of Praxis Test

Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 10:39

The Praxis series of tests measure teacher candidates’ knowledge and skills.

The Praxis test, which will be held on May 5, 2019, usually measures an aspiring educator's academic skills and content knowledge of specific subjects needed for teaching.

Administered by the Educational Test Service (ETS), the Praxis I test consists of multiple choice questions and an essay question that evaluates academic skills in reading, writing and math.

Most accredited colleges and universities will give students who are majoring in education and plan on becoming licensed as a professional teacher this test prior to admitting a student to an education program.

The Praxis II test is often taken during a student’s course of study, and it measures knowledge of a specific content area, such as science, language arts, or mathematics, and it is broken down by grade level (elementary, middle, and high school).

Praxis III, a system of evaluation of novice teachers which involves observation of the classroom and assessment of the teacher’s methods, occurs during the first year of teaching.

A career in teaching can be extremely rewarding and the Praxis exam is just one milestone in accomplishing your goals of inspiring students. A successful educator needs a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter he or she will teach, and also a keen insight as to how to convey that knowledge.

Tests are administered in one of two ways: by computer or on paper. How you take your test will depend on the test center where you schedule your testing appointment. Knowing how the test is laid out, what types of questions you must answer, and what is expected of you will give you a better chance of attaining an acceptable score.


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