Yemeni Student in Tehran Int'l Book Fair:

Many People Don’t Know About Yemen History, Culture and Beautiful Places

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 14:52

As a platform not only for Iranian but renowned international publishers, 32nd Tehran International Book Fair provides a great situation for presenting latest titles.

According to an ISCA report, Yemen, a country in the midst of an ongoing five-year war, has participated in Tehran International Book Fair for the first time.

In his exclusive interview with ISCA reporter, Osman Alhakimi, representative of the Yemeni National Resistance, stated that Yemen stand aims at showing Yemen’s historical places, culture, handicrafts and books.

The stand, very modestly decorated, is comprised of three main parts. On the right, some Yemeni handicraft “lent by the Yemeni Embassy in Tehran”. In front, some books in English about Yemen’s history, culture and art and on the left, documents about the war crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition.

He noted that unfortunately, many people just know about the war and have no information about the history of the country, “We have been very interested to participate in this cultural event. We are here to give information about Yemen and its people. Yemen embassy in Iran made it possible for us to bring books here. Most of the books came from the Ministry of Tourism. They are mostly about Yemen’s history, culture, art, handicrafts and wonderful places.”

Ah he said, people wonder while seeing amazing places, traditional clothing, attractions and sightseeing in Yemen, “although we are in the middle of the war, but life in Yemen is still continuing, universities don’t close and people are working actively in various fields. We are not waiting for the war to be ended and then build our country, we are preparing ourselves now.”


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