Afghanistan Presents Scientific Quarterly and Books in Tehran Book Fair

Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 12:10

A representative from Bonyad-e Andisheh (Thought Foundation) Publication House, Asadollah Amiri, introduced scientific works and quarterlies in Afghanistan stand in 2019 Tehran International Book Fair.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Dr. Asadollah Amiri stated that Bonyad-e Andisheh (Thought Foundation) Publication House aims at introducing Afghanistan books and quarterlies in 2019 Tehran International Book Fair.

As he said, publishing research and scientific works and printing quarterlies with specific topics are this publication’s two main areas of activities, “almost 40 scientific-research books have been published so far which some of them are valuable scientific book series.”

“A quarterly is specifically discussing Afghanistan's contemporary literature and as the best literature quarterly, it has many fans in Islamic Republic of Iran and Farsi (Persian) speaking countries,” he added.

Dr. Amiri noted that a branch of Bonyad-e Andisheh (Thought Foundation) Publication House is active in Mashhad, the Holy City of Iran. He also evaluated books, presenting in the fair, of high quality.

In this edition of the fair, 3,200 foreign and domestic publishers will showcase their latest products, including 2,400 domestic publishers with about 437,000 titles and also about 800 foreign publishers from 30 countries with 137,000 titles.


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