Omanis Having Feeling of Interest to Iranian Culture

Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 14:54

The head of General Directorate of Exhibitions in Muscat stated that Sultanate has participated in the 32nd Tehran International Book Fair, from April 23rd to May 4th in Tehran, as part of the cultural goals based on introducing the Omani culture and Omani intellectual production.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Ahmed al-Rawahi said that Oman has participated in Tehran international book fair for 15 years and this year, the pavilion of the Sultanate includes an extensive list of publications and titles in various literary, artistic, intellectual, scientific and other disciplines, in conjunction with the publications of some other institutions and government bodies.

He noted that expanding Omani culture as well as being familiar with Iranian culture are two main goals of this pavilion, also about 100 books were presented in this cultural event.

This annual participation also aims at activating the Omani pavilion as a literary and knowledge forum, as it contains books in various fields of literature and knowledge which will benefit the exhibitions, as well as activating the field of cultural cooperation between the two countries and intellectual and literary communication.

Boosting cultural exchange in authoring, activating the publishing activity and other activities related to the printing and book industry, and on the other hand, introducing the Omani writers in various countries of the worlds, Arab and foreign are some other goals of Oman for participation in this festival.

Over the years, Tehran book fair has gone beyond being a place for publishers to showcase their new titles. The event is playing a big role in promoting the reading culture among Iranians.


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