Smart Milk Carton Help Reduce Food Waste

Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 10:28

Scientists at Cornell University have designed a "smart" carton in order to eliminate waste.

According to the New Atlas, scientists at Cornell University have been designing "smart" carton which has been developed through the university's Milk Quality Improvement Program and it will incorporate both a QR code and a sensor.

The code will contain information such as the originating dairy farm, the processing plant, and microbes specific to that farm and plant, which may be present in the milk.

The sensor, on the other hand, will record the time that has elapsed since the milk was put in the carton, along with the temperatures at which the carton has been stored.

Using an app on their smartphone, customers and retailers will scan both the QR code and the sensor, obtaining a precise expiration date for the milk.

Not only would this keep consumers from wasting food and money by discarding perfectly-good milk, but it would also allow retailers to move older milk off their shelves by lowering its price accordingly. The University of California-Berkeley has previously developed a carton cap that monitors milk freshness.


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