Iranian Researcher’s New Implant Microsurgery Method Published

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 16:18

The new method of Iranian researcher, “implant microsurgery and minimally invasive implantprosthetic oral reconstructions,” have been published as the modern implant surgery technique in the official website of University of Maryland.

In his interview with IRNA Persian desk, Dr. Behnam Shakibaie, one of the most influential figures in the field of dental implant in the world, with international invention and publication of numerous methods and new tools for implant microscopic surgeries, stated that the technique of “Implant microsurgery and minimally invasive implantprosthetic oral reconstructions” has been published for the first time in the world.

Dr. Shakibaie noted that after presenting the method in Pennsylvania and Michigan universities, University of Maryland released the method as a new technique of dental implant surgery in its official website.

Dentistry science has achieved significant progress in recent years. Especially the fields of implantology (dental implant) and periodontology (periodontal surgery) have brought a lot of developments and innovations to the dentistry community.

As consequences of mentioned innovations, it can be mentioned that the surgeon will be able to operate implants and all related surgeries in the patient’s mouth with several times higher precision enhancing most advanced surgical microscopes, “micro” tools, world leading materials and devices for jaw bone and gum reconstruction.

His most famous method is Microscopic Open Sinus Surgery Technique (non-invasive reconstruction surgery of maxillary bone in the posterior region). In this technique, in addition to reducing the surgical complications and a significant increase in the success rate, implants are made in the posterior maxillary part of the patient’s jaw.


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