Rasht IAU to Launch Graduate School of Agriculture

Saturday, May 25, 2019 - 12:00

The head of Islamic Azad University Gilan Province has announced on running a graduate school of agriculture to train specialized students in most of the cultivation techniques, also to function as a center for interdisciplinary education and research on agriculture.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Dr. Ebrahim Chirani stated that in condition of launching university’s majors in line with the capacity of existing industries in a city or province, the relationship and the collaboration processes between universities and industries will be interactive.

He noted that due to the climate conditions and the province existing potentials, Gilan province IAU has taken great steps toward strengthening relationships between the university and industry to supply agricultural products. In this regard, the graduate School of Agriculture will be run in this university in order to provide suitable condition for graduates to acquire essential experiences in this field.

Agricultural science is the integration of life, food and environmental sciences. In addition to biological fields, it encompasses chemistry, physics and the social sciences, particularly economics. Through its education and research undertakings, the Graduate School of Agriculture aims to cultivate specialists with a broad, flexible and multidisciplinary outlook, and an understanding of international perspectives.

The ambition of policymakers and universities to develop ‘third missions’ in addition to the two traditional core missions of research and teaching, and to commercialize academic knowledge, for instance through continuing education programs, patenting, technology transfer offices, science parks or incubators has intensified the relevance of such collaborations.

Dr. Chirani added that industry–university collaborations will result to the national achievements, “so there is no need to foreign experts in various industries and factories because universities play a crucial role in achieving economic growth in today’s knowledge-based societies.”

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