Iran Exports Nano Carpets to 25 Countries

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 15:58

An Iranian company has exported nano carpets to different Asian, European and African countries.

According to Iran Nano Technology Innovation Council report, the head of Department of Commerce, Research and Development of an Iranian company said that the company’s nano carpets have been exported to almost 25 countries such as Iraq, Qatar, Oman, China, Japan, Russia, Austria, Germany and South Africa.

As the new generation of carpets have emerged based on novel and advanced technologies such as nanotechnology, the production of antibacterial carpets is very important in order to improve the health and hygiene in the society.

Dr. Khashayar Mohajer Shojaee said that due to the antibacterial material and nanoparticle threads on such carpets, the growth of negative bacteria has decreased a lot.

The use of nano carpets is very important to patients and those who suffer from skin, eye, and respiration allergies because these carpets are anti-fungi, odorless, and anti-allergic. Since kids and house members have direct contact with the carpet for a long time, the use of antibacterial carpets significantly increases the health of the family.


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