Tehran to Open First Cardio-Oncology Research Center in Asia

Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 09:05

First cardio-oncology research center in Asia will be launched in Shahid Rajaee teaching hospital in Tehran.

According to an ISCA report, Cardio-oncologists work with hematology-oncologists and other oncologic health care providers to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease alongside cancer therapy and care.

A member of Shahid Rajaee teaching hospital’s academic board stated that first cardio-oncology research center in Asia will be opened in near future in Tehran.

A specialized cardio-oncology clinic also opened in this hospital two years ago for the first time in Iran, Dr. Azin Alizadeh-Asl told IRNA on Friday.

All the preparations for opening the center are finished and the license for opening the center will soon be issued, said Dr. Alizadehasl.

According to Alizadeh-Asl, cardio-oncology research center will help the prevention of heart diseases in cancer patients and also develop a better understanding of how to treat such conditions.

Research about the side effects of cancer drugs, chemotherapy and radiotherapy on cardiovascular system and how to treat such conditions, especially heart failure, are the primary focus of studies in this center.


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