Iran, Russia to Strengthen and Develop Academic Relations

Monday, June 10, 2019 - 11:23

Deputy Science Minister for International Affairs Hossein Salar Amoli met and negotiated with Deputy Governor General of Volgograd province for international cooperation Vladimir Shekarin to emphasize on the importance of expanding international scientific cooperation.

According to an ISCA report, during the meeting, Dr. Salar Amoli stated that due to the Russia’s scientific and technological quality, the country has been considered as one of our target countries for international cooperation.

He noted that Iran’s current international academic policies are based on universities’ cooperation with each other, mainly in the field of exchanging faculties and students and implementing research projects in the field of the Caspian Sea and neighboring countries.

Dr. Salar Amoli also announced the university’s readiness in creating new majors and holding joint courses with universities in Russia, especially universities of Volgograd province.

In this meeting, Vladimir Shekarin said that exchanging students and carrying out joint and scientific research projects are considered as significant goals for Volgograd State Technical University, “right now, more than 1500 foreign students from various countries such as India, Malaysia, Morocco, etc. are being educated in this university.”

As one of the leading institutions of higher education in Volgograd, the mission of Volgograd State Technical University is preparation of harmoniously cultured, able to meet competition, and professionally responsible specialists oriented on perspective domestic and world market requirements with basing on the domestic higher school traditions, utilizing innovations in the sphere of science and education, providing for unity of scientific and educational activities.


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