MyTherapy Helps to Stay in Control of Health

Monday, June 10, 2019 - 12:50

MyTherapy is an application reminds users to take their medicine so they can focus on the other important things in life.

As an easy-to-use and efficient reminder, the application allows users to set reminders for all kinds of medications, measurements and activities.

This medication reminder and pill tracker application would not only document health but also allows users to visualize patterns within it.

Combining a pill tracker, mood tracker and a health journal, e.g. with a weight tracker, this medication reminder app allows patients and their doctor to put their treatment’s success into perspective.

The application allows patients to share reports with their physician. These reports are handy because they visualize the progress in treatment which makes it easier for the doctor to detect any inconsistencies in patients’ medication schedule.

He can also decide if the dosage of medication needs some correction, because all the measurements and symptoms can be entered and saved, making it easier for doctors to understand the effect of the given medication portion.


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