Breakthrough Technologies That Will Define 2019

Monday, June 17, 2019 - 12:35

Bill Gate has predicted top 10 breakthrough inventions that will capture headlines in 2019, released by MIT Technology Review.

According to the Chart of the Week draws from the MIT Technology Review, top 10 breakthrough technologies are as follow:

Gut Probe in a Pill, swallowable devices can detect and potentially prevent diseases that cause malnutrition and stunted growth in millions of children worldwide.

Custom Cancer Vaccines, personalized cancer vaccines, targeting only the cancerous cells and leave healthy cells alone, could help ensure faster recovery times and pose fewer risks to patients.

Meat-free Burgers, plant-based and lab-grown food products will ideally alleviate the environmental impact of the livestock industry.

Smooth-talking AI assistants, the AI assistants of the future will have even more human-like conversations to personally engage customers. Companies would see measurable benefits, with just one breakthrough here garnering a 5% jump in productivity.

Sanitation without sewers, improperly drained sewage causes death in one out of every nine children. Sanitation that doesn’t require sewers would not only prevent exposure diseases but also help turn waste into useful products like fertilizer.

ECG on your wrist, while most medical ECGS have up to 12 nodes to detect abnormalities, today’s wearables typically have only one. An ECG on the wrist would help reduce the risk of heart disease by monitoring changes and patterns in daily life.

Robot Dexterity, advancements in robotics will enable the natural dexterity required to complete a greater range of tasks, such as doing the laundry, or building toys.

Predicting Preemies, premature births are the leading cause of death for children under five years old. Tests to detect the possibility of a premature birth could be available in doctors’ offices in as little as five years.

Carbon Dioxide Catcher, carbon dioxide catchers filter out CO₂ from the air and capture it for other uses. These include synthetic fuel creation, CO₂ for soft drinks, and plant growth in greenhouses.

New-wave Nuclear Power, traditional nuclear reactors produce ~1,000 megawatts (MW), while these proposed mini-reactors would produce tens of megawatts ─ making them safer, more stable, and more financially viable for potential users.


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