Iran Poomsae Team Wins Bronze in Universiade Napoli 2019

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 10:19

Iran poomsae team has won a bronze medal at the 30th Summer Universiade, held on 3-14 July 2019 in Naples, Italy.

According to an ISCA report, the Iranian team that had a third-place winner in individual poomsae presented an excellent range of movements and was very accurate.

The team including Kourosh Bakhtiar, Ali Sohrabi and Amir Reza Mehrban, could gain 7.460 point in freestyle poomsae and won bronze medal in this tournament.

After the second competition day in taekwondo, South Korea won all gold medals of all events that took place on Monday. Chinese Taipei took all the silver medals that were on offer, in all three categories of poomsae. Iran won bronze in men’s team event, the official website reports.

Poomsae (patterns) are a pre-arranged set of movements gradually becoming more complex the more you learn. There is normally ONE poomsae to learn per belt in preparation for your next promotional test. Each poomsae should be practiced by mentally picturing imaginary opponents attacking from all sides.


Team Poomsae (Men)

Gold: South Korea (7.820)

Silver: Chinese Taipei (7.480)

Bronze: Islamic Republic of Iran (7.460)

Individual Poomsae (Men)

Gold: Wanjin Kang (KOR) (7.950)

Silver: Edward H Jeong (USA) (7.500)

Bronze: Koorosh Bakhtiyar (IRI) (7.310)

Bronze: Leonardo Juarez Rodriguez (MEX) (7.120)

Individual Poomsae (Women)

Gold: Adalis J Munoz (USA) (7.060)

Silver: Chia-En SU (TPE) (6.990)

Bronze: Jihye Yun (KOR) (6.920)

Bronze: Fatemeh Hesam (IRI) (6.910)


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