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Towbiroun Valley, Taking Away Fevers and Cooling Down the Body

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 14:53

Towbiroun Valley, located in Dezful County in Khuzestan Province, is known for its cool and pleasant weather, where it takes away any fevers and cools down the body.

According to an ISCA report, Towbiroun Valley’s beautiful natural phenomenon is the result of thousands of years of erosion and its name is composed of two words, “Tow” and “Biroun”; the word “Tow” in the local dialect of the south means “fever,” and the word “Biroun” means getting rid of or resolving something, so this valley is essentially a place for dealing with fevers and hot weather.

In times of drought, the depth of the Towbiroun Valley acts as a drain and sucks off the groundwater. After the accumulation of water in the valley, the water flows quite easily whereas there are two small and very beautiful waterfalls along the Towbiroun Valley. These special natural conditions in the valley make its temperature stay between 20 to 25 degrees lower, even when the temperature outside the valley is 40 degrees or more.

Regardless of the weather outside the valley, spring and summer (May to September) are the best seasons to go to the valley because you can experience a 15-degree temperature difference with the outside of the Towbiroun Valley.


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