Iranian Students Runner-Up at Archery in Naples

Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 10:28

The compound team of Iranian students won silver medal at the archery competitions of the 2019 Summer Universiade in Naples, Italy.

According to an ISCA report, Kiarash Farzan and Mohammad Saleh Palizban presented a well performance at the archery competitions and won a silver medal in 2019 Summer Universiade in Naples.

After the two teams drew 156-156, it was Turkey which managed to emerge victorious and collect gold in the tiebreaker.

Following the final, Iran’s head coach Majid Ahmadi said Iranian archers put in a convincing performance in their match against Turkey, adding their silver was as valuable as a gold medal as luck plays a role in a competition.

More than 6,000 athletes from 100 countries have taken part in the 30th Summer Universiade started on July 3.


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