Yazd IAU Smart Irrigation System Entered the Utilization Stage

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 12:21

FSRobotic knowledge-based company, based in Yazd IAU Incubator Center, designed and implemented the country’s most comprehensive smart irrigation system, which is now entering the utilization phase.

According to an ISCA report, water in dry regions must be used carefully and efficiently because of its scarcity. With the improvement of the technological infrastructure, effective management of water usage and power consumption of irrigation systems can be achieved. This can be done by enabling the irrigation system to identify specific areas to irrigate.

In this regard, Iran’s most comprehensive smart irrigation system was unveiled with the presence of Department of Environment chief Isa Kalantari, Yazd province governor general and officials, by FSRobotic knowledge-based company based in Yazd IAU.

The system, implemented in a 50-hectares area, could send information to the control center wirelessly through 51 smart stations equipped with solar cells, environmental, soil moisture, soil temperature and pressure sensors, explained Navid Nasirizadeh, Research and Technology deputy of Yazd IAU.

As he noted, this system can save water more than almost 25% and 70% in comparison with drip irrigation and surface irrigation respectively.


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