Researchers Convert CO2 Emissions to Fuel Using Black Nano Gold

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 15:12

Researchers of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research have developed black gold nanoparticles that can convert CO2 to fuel and purify seawater to drinkable water.

Scientists explained, in a research paper recently published, that the golden gold was transformed into black gold by altering the gold nanoparticles and changing the distance between them, Hindustan Times reports.

Using solar energy, the black gold powder acted as a catalyst to convert CO2 to methane at atmospheric pressure and temperature.

The black gold, the scientists said, could possibly be used to reduce the CO2 concentration, formed by industrial and vehicular emissions, in our atmosphere that leads to global warming.

In addition, black gold can also be used to convert seawater into potable water using the heat that the powder generates after absorbing sunlight, according to the researchers.

With the aim of commercialising the product, the team will now focus on improving the yield of methane by further redesigning the catalyst.

The work ‘Plasmonic colloidosomes of black gold for solar energy harvesting and hotspots directed catalysis for CO2 to fuel conversion’ is published in Chemical Science journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


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